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Birthdate:Jun 23

Ik wou dat ik twee hondjes was, dan kon ik samen spelen.


Aberfeldy. Andrew bird. Beirut. Devotchka. Eugene McGuinness. Final Fantasy. Florence and the machine. Gogol Bordello. Gabriël Rios. Jeremy Warmsley. Martha Wainwright. Sufjan Stevens. And more.

Big love. Bones. Californication. Dead like me. Dexter. Eli Stone. Fringe. Grey's anatomy. Heroes. House. Lost. Prison break. Private practice. Pushing daisies. Samantha Who. Ugly Betty. Veronica Mars. Weeds. X files.


"I was the kid next door's imaginary friend." (Emo Phillips)

"All I want is the best for our lives my dear,
and you know my wishes are sincere.
What's to say for the days I can not bare. (Beirut - A sunday smile)

"Rusty as a teaspoon and twice as useless." (Jeremy Warmsley - Dirty blue jeans)

"Are you there, elevator god? It's me, Addison." (Addison - Private practice)

Rube: "You like spaghetti, George? I like spaghetti. I like board games. I like a trifecta with that longshot on top. That ozone smell you get from air purifiers. And I like knowing the space between my ears is immeasurable. Mahler's first, Bernstein conducting. You've got to think about all the things you like and decide whether they're worth sticking around for. And if they are, you'll find a way to do this."
George: "And what if I don't?"
Rube: "Then you go away, and you don't get to like anything anymore.
(Dead like me.)

"I'd say I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not. I excel at not giving a shit. Experience has taught me that interest begets expectation, and expectation beget disappointment, so the key to avoiding disappointment is to avoid interest. A equals B equals C Equals A, or whatever. I also don't have a lot of interest in being a good person or a bad person. From what I can tell, either way, you're screwed. Bad people are punished by society's laws, and good people are punished by Murphy's Law. So you see my dilemma. " (George -- Dead like me)

House: "As long as you're trying to be good, you can do whatever you want."
Wilson: "And as long as you're not trying, you can say whatever you want."
House: "So between us, we can do anything. We can rule the world"

"This is a mistake. I don't know how to have casual conversation. You think you're talking about one thing, and either you are and it's incredibly boring, or you're not because it's subtext and you need a decoder ring." (House - House)

Cameron: "What are you looking for?"
House: "Same as you. Love, acceptance, a solid return in investment."

Cameron: "If she talks, if she does the decent thing, then you don't get to solve your puzzle, your game's over, and you lose."
House: "Yeah. I want to save her. I'm morally bankrupt."

What others said about Sarah

"She worries far too much about her hair" ([personal profile] dougs)

"Sarah is an ambassador of pop culture and should be writing for (That's a compliment! :))" ([personal profile] chestnutcurls)

"If I say you won't regret having Sarah as a friend, the reasons for my being so sure are too numerous to sum up, but if you must have a little checklist: she's a smart, sassy, friendly and absolutely amazing person. And has a great taste in fandoms." ([profile] ringosdiamond)

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