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sarahharas ([personal profile] sarahharas) wrote2009-02-08 09:09 pm

TOW Sarah's tv week.

lol milk and cookies.

"We're going together like traffic and weather." lol That rhymes.

This Gretchen/old guywhateverhisnameis is creepy.

Bybye Bailey's husband, I never could remember your name on this show.

Is Bellick on some kind of suicide mission? wtf?

"Hey, those are my tweezers. By which I mean they are your tweezers." lol

"Why am I listening to a thong inspector?" lol

"You're BME?"
"Best Mom Ever!" lmao.

"I'm not carrying you to the elevator." lol Frank.


Someone with a crooked nose. lol

"Gun goes first." lol

Her eyebrows are creepy.

"There was no before the big bang." lol Bones.

"I will think about it until my head explodes." lol also, where have I seen her before?

What's with the crazy voice?

"What happens in the cornfield?" lol

lol, yawning into her brain.

"Yang goes or I go." lol

Wait, may 14th 2000? What year is it now in Grey's anatomy world?

Ghost!Denny? Seriously?

lol Mark's trying to flirt with Cristina.

"It's like a bouquet. Of corpses." lol

"I can not help it. I'm dying." lol Dummy.

"When your dead mommy teaches you things, do you see her?" lol

lol Amanda's naked.

Is Betty's bath in the middle of her kitchen?

"You're like a total snowday. That's a good thing." lol

What's David Blue's LJ again? I remember it being mentioned in [ profile] ohnotheydidnt but I can't remember it now.

Is that guy holding a guinea pig?

"Worked out for the homeless woman."

It's Damien. lol

What a crazy looking golf.

"I know your secret, Dexter." What what?

"We're not gonna manhug, are we?" lol Dexter.

That looked like that doll from season one of Dexter there.

Somebody needs glasses? There I solved it. lol

House is all staring at 13. Is this one of those All About Thirteen episodes? That's probably a stupid question.

I might have to fast forward everytime I see 13. You know, it's that or smash my computer.

lol His name is in the guinness book.

Is Cameron in this ep?

lol at the crazy random drug names.

Ha Cuddy! Fail!

Why does Cuddy always have to wear clothes that are too tight? That jacket needs to be two sizes bigger.

Young!House photo. I wonder that's an actual Hugh Laurie photo or if they photoshopped it.

Haha, it is a fake. lol

So, Cuddy/PI guy? Would be so much better than Cuddy/House.

Oh, look at that. There's Chase. There must be surgery.

"And that is why I won't let Cameron buy a cat." Wow, Cameron gets a mention. Also, does that mean Cameron and Chase live together?

PI guy plays the piano. PI guy is like a young House.

Wait, was House a chearleader? lol

No Cameron or Wilson? This episode is Fail. It would've been FAIL but the ending made up for it